Your wedding day is one of the most significant days of you and your fiancé’s lives, and the beginning of an amazing adventure you get to share with your best friend. So many incredible memories are made on that momentous day during those few hours. You get only one chance to capture them well. You’ve probably heard before that your wedding photography is the only piece of your big day you can keep with you afterward. Yes, lots of you ladies will save your dress to pass down one day, and you both plan on wearing your rings for the next fifty years. Other than that, your photos are the only keepsake you’ll have left to treasure and look back on in the future.

When chatting with couples, I always encourage them to view their wedding photography as an investment in their future. These photos will frame the walls of your home, be placed in albums that sit on your coffee table and given to your grandparents at Christmas. These are the photos your children will one day flip through and wonder how you could have ever been thirty (at least I did!). Wedding photography allows you to leave a rich history to your family for generations to come!

Your wedding day also goes by wicked fast! This I know personally, as a married lady, and from working with dozens of couples. There will be pieces of that day that almost feel like a blur, not to mention the fact there are about fifty different conversations (and dance moves!) happening at the same time, which you are completely unable to absorb at once! Choosing an experienced, thoughtful, creative wedding photographer allows you to go back and relive that glorious day from multiple perspectives, and even take in some new moments you never knew went down!

With all that said, there are currently about three thousand photographers in your general area all crying out for your business. Some are professional, hardworking and ethical. Some…not so much. It’s spot on to say that you really get what you pay for. Take your time and find the right one that fits your style, your personality and who meets your budget You won’t regret it! If you are looking for a wedding photographer who truly values marriage, listens to your ideas and preferences, loves to think outside the box, can go with the flow, and truly make your gallery “YOU,” I would love to connect with you!

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Are you active duty military or currently a first-responder? Your work matters immensely, and is appreciated more than you know! As an LEO wife, my heart is to encourage this group of brave men and women who truly are family to one another. Ask about my military/first responder discount in your inquiry!

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