It all started with one of those little Kodak disposable cameras (that no one under the age of twenty would recognize!) and my first trip to summer camp.

I was eight years old and that little black and yellow plastic box gave me twenty 4x6 shots to capture memories from that week.  Every single one came out underexposed and blurry, but I was in love!  Each summer for the next five years, my mom would drive me to the local Walmart to pick up that year's camera.  At week's end, I would anxiously wait for them to be developed, praying they turned out how I envisioned.  I grew older and purchased various digital cameras to capture the daily happenings of a brown-haired, brown-eyed girl from Iowa.  Finally in college, what was once simply a hobby to express myself, transformed into an opportunity to serve and document the beauty in other's lives and tell their stories.

I believe every image has the opportunity to display transparent emotion, and intimately reveal a moment or event in one's life.  

My heart is to capture moments as authentically and candidly as possible.  Years from now, your images should be framed above the mantel in your home, lovingly tucked in a photo album on the coffee table, and proudly shown to your children and grandchildren.  I want you to effortlessly relive that special day through each and every shot!  

My inspiration comes from gorgeous lighting, eye-pleasing color palettes, unique locations, and the limitless opportunity for creativity.

When not behind the camera, I am a wifey to my adventurous and talented husband, Aaron (he's pretty much the best drummer I know!), and a mama to two little men, Gunnar and Abel, and a few plant babies. 

On any given day, you might find me re-designing/re-arranging a nook or cranny in my home, brewing another cup of coffee (black please!), or sprawled out on my living room floor playing trucks with my kiddos. I heartily believe life is strung together in the small, ordinary, and beautiful moments that are ever so fleeting.  I don't want to miss this life that was so graciously given to us by our good God.  I want to live each of these moments with intention and steward them well.

You are unique and so is your story!  I would love to connect with you and discuss how I can serve you best! 

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have!





**These photos of our family were taken by , with profits going to bring home their next wee one through adoption!